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VIDEO: Neha Assar’s Awesome Henna

I recently attended an art and fashion event hosted by Project Ethos at the Avalon in Hollywood, and what did I stumble upon? Absolutely stunning henna body art in the making. This was no regular henna tattoo session. The artist, Neha Assar, was creating a jaw-dropping and elaborate design on the bare chest of totally… Read More

Why Bother With Fake “Black Henna?”

Ever since writing my last post, I keep coming back to this question. Why do people want to bother with that fake black stuff, which is primarily black hair dye?* Why not just go with the real deal—your skin stained the deep, rich, reddish brown color that screams organic, ceremonial and mysterious. (Besides, as we… Read More

The Latest From The FDA On Temporary Tattoos

The FDA is not in the business of approving cosmetics before they go on the market, but it can and does take action against any product it deems potentially harmful to consumers. Every year the agency puts out an advisory warning people against “black henna.” This year’s advisory is no different, except that it looked… Read More


Welcome to the Earth Henna blog, where we will be posting hot-off-the-press news, commentary, stories, pictures, videos, fun facts, stats (curious and serious), and more on what’s happening in the henna and jagua temporary tattoo community, as well as in our own inner camp here at Earth Henna. To start things off, let me re-introduce… Read More