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The Staining Power of Jagua

Overwhelmingly, people love jagua tattoos—the fact that they’re dead-ringers for permanent tattoos, that they last two weeks, that they are as easy to apply as henna tatoos, even simpler since you only need to wait one hour before removing the gel! But if there’s one beef about jagua that I hear on a regular basis,… Read More

Jagua Flowers Are A Thing Too!

Last week I wrote about henna flower designs being popular with henna lovers, and then I realized, duh, jagua flowers are a thing too! What was I thinking? Somehow, in my mind, I tend to think of jagua designs as being more  permanent tattoo-ish in style. But really, a quick look online confirmed it. People… Read More

Get Your Flower Power On!

As I wrote about earlier this year, 2018 is all about flowers, so we’re here to help you get your flower power on! And I can’t think of anything more appropriate than henna  to help you get there. Why? Because although henna is a plant, it sprouts the loveliest flowers. Henna lives and breathes flower… Read More

How Do You Choose Between Henna and Jagua?

How do you choose between henna and jagua? Which do you prefer: henna tattoos or jagua tattoos? What’s the difference between a henna and a jagua tattoo? What kind of art do you create with henna, versus jagua? We get asked these questions a lot when we’re at Vidcon, the Youtubers conference; at natural product… Read More

Creating Henna Tattoos

Creating henna tattoos, and then showing them off, is synonymous with warm weather. Here in Los Angeles, where Earth Henna is headquartered, it always feels like spring or summer. We’re lucky that way! But if it hasn’t started warming up yet in your neck of the woods, adorning yourself with henna tattoos is one sure… Read More

Coachella is Here Once Again!

Coachella is here once again, and after spending far too much time looking at all the groovy festival outfits online, it’s indisputable: people who love music love showing skin! I’m talking about the shortest shorts, skirts with slits up to there, bare backs and arms, accessorized with all kinds of hats, hair scarves, flowers, floral… Read More

Where Does Your Jagua Come From?

Where does your jagua come from? It matters because it is going on your skin! We introduced jagua tattoos back in 2009, after the success of henna tattoos generated a desire in many for a temporary tattoo that looked like the real deal. As you probably know by now, this demand yielded the dreaded so-called… Read More

Where Do You Get Your Henna?

Where do you get your henna? At Earth Henna, where we make temporary tattoo kits offered at stores like Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods, we have challenges that online suppliers don’t face. As with all natural cosmetics, we have to add preservatives, antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents to insure a longer shelf life. And you can… Read More