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Henna Holidays

Holiday party

Everybody talks about the stress of the holiday season. I know I do! First of all, it comes around so fast. Didn’t I just buy Christmas gifts for 15 people? Yeah, and I had to wrap them too. I’m not that swift at giftwrapping, my gifts usually look like you hope what’s inside is nicer. And at Earth Henna, we close down between Christmas and New Year’s (I give everyone a paid week off because I need a break!), which means there’s so much to do before that happens—like explaining to customers that we stop shipping on Thursday, the 22nd. Why? They want to know. Because my accountant says I have to take inventory before the end of the year, and for tax reasons…. Um, wait, you don’t really want to hear the details. I know I don’t!

And then there’s the stress of whether or not to host a Christmas dinner (for all us orphans out here on the west coast) or a New Year’s Eve party. Seems like if we (my husband and I—meaning I) don’t organize one, we never get invited to anything. I think I’ve figured it out. Everyone waits around for us to break down and provide the space for eating, drinking, dancing and merry-making because we always do. Maybe I should wait until the 30th to decide on the New Year’s Eve party. Maybe then they’ll get the hint that they need to step up!

And lest we forget the stress of hanging out with family. Yes, I know you love them, that’s a given. Why else would you travel through blizzards, stalled planes, canceled flights and snarky flight attendants to see them? But let’s face it, some of those family people really get on your nerves. Wait, did you just say you think climate change is a hoax? That’s when you need to get out your Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Kit.

Even if you’d like to punch your aunt in the nose, she will become eggnog in your able hands once you whip out your henna kit and offer to create a henna tattoo on her gnarly hands. No worries you can use our stencils. You’ll come out looking like a pro.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year filled with patience, sanity, respect for truth, and compassion for all the fellow Earthly travelers you may come upon in 2017.