Paint the Body Beautiful


White Henna, Anyone?

White henna design on hand

The running joke around here at Earth Henna is about how for 11 years we had the smallest product line in the history of commerce: one product! True, we did come up with variations on our original Earth Henna Temporary Tattoo Kit—let’s see, besides the Classic Henna Tattoo Kit, there’s the Premium Henna Tattoo Kit; my book about the art… Read More

Earth Henna Goes Global

World Globe - Europe & Middle East

Earth Henna has been going strong in the temporary body art world for 20 years. Early on, back in 1997, when henna tattoos were just making their entrance on the body adornment scene, for some reason we had more foreign than U.S. customers. Eventually, it all came back around, and in the last 10 years, I would… Read More

For the Love of Mehndi

Mehndi tattoos on hands and feet

Mehndi, the Indian word for henna temporary body art, is the perfect thing to talk about on Valentine’s Day! For those who may not be familiar with the history and cultural practices surrounding henna tattoos in India, it’s all about love. The henna plant is believed to be infused with the positive power of the… Read More

Voodoo Love

Erzulie by José Delpe

Erzulie — Mixed media by José Delpe. As Valentine’s Day approaches, our minds turn to love. For some of us that means What am I going to get him for Valentine’s Day? For others, it’s I wonder if he’s going to remember to get me something? Me? This year I’ve been thinking about love in… Read More

Can You Guess Which Busy Season Is About to Start?

Who's ready for festival season 2017?

HINT #1: It’s the New Year. HINT #2: Time flies—which means it’s time to start planning ahead. HINT #3: March is just around the corner. ANSWER: Come on, you haven’t guessed? IT’S ALMOST FESTIVAL SEASON! We get really busy around festival season, ’cause henna tattoos, jagua tattoos and cool beauty adornment accessories play into everyone’s… Read More