A Henna Kit for Girls on a Budget

Henna Classic Kit - front of box

Sometimes you just have to watch your wallet, but you want a superior quality henna kit—bad. If so, our Earth Henna Classic Temporary Henna Tattoo Kit is exactly what you need.

There are plenty of flash tattoos and decals out there on the market, as well as metallic ink tattoos that you peel off and stick on the skin—we know all about them because we love them and have sold them on our website! They look really pretty and all, but now you want real body art; something painted on the skin that will stain it for a good long time. You want to develop your inner artist; you want to express yourself. Hell, you want a henna tattoo!

Maybe you’re a college student on a budget and you want to bond with your roommate. Perhaps you’re trying to break the ice with a new potential BFF. It could be that you want be the one to jumpstart a cool activity in your dorm room. The Earth Henna Classic Kit is the perfect choice for you. As opposed to the Earth Henna Premium Kit, which comes with enough henna for 20–30 designs and 35 stencil transfers, the Earth Henna Classic Kit comes with enough henna for 15–20 designs and 16 henna stencil transfers—that’s a lot of people you can make happy for just $20.00!

Plus, you’re in luck because this kit is currently on sale for just $17.00—that’ a whole $3.00 off!

AND if you spend $18 more, you get FREE SHIPPING. So now may just be the right time to buy yourself AND your BFF a groovy henna tattoo kit.

Go ahead, splurge!

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