1. Ouechani

    Bonjour je vous contact car j’ai 2 questions qui m’empêche de commander chez vous 😉 la première c’est : je vis en France et j’aimerais savoir si j’aurais des frais de douane si je commande chez vous ? Seconde question : es ce que les payements sont sécurisé sur votre site ? Dans l’attente de votre réponse je vous souhaite une bonne journée.

    1. Post
      Carine Fabius

      Bonjour, les frais de douane sont inclus dans le prix d’envoi donc vous ne devriez pas avoir de frais supplementaires quand vous recevez le paquet. Et oui bien sur, les payments sont securises, personne n’a acces a vos informations personnelles telles que votre numero de carte, meme pas nous!
      Merci d’avance et n’hesitez pas a envoyer un email a [email protected] si vous avez d’autres questions.

  2. David Drake

    Do you know if Jagua comes in any other color other than black or dark blue and if so, what other colors does it available in through your company or elsewhere?
    Also, I wanted to ask you what other colors of henna are available through your company other than the brown and white henna as I would like to know this information as well?
    Lastly, do you ship either your henna or jagua products internationally, and if so, where might this be as I will be located in Port Vila, Vanuatu and in other possible locations globally?
    Thank you for your response to me on this topic and might you also be able to show me where I can find the pricing for your henna and jagua products as I could not find this on your website as well?
    Thank you for your help to me on this matter.

    1. Post
      Carine Fabius

      Hello! Due to a strange glitch in our system, I am just now seeing your note 3 years later!! In regard to your questions:
      –jagua only comes in one color
      –henna only comes in one color
      –unfortunately, we do not ship internationally
      –for the prices on our website, just click on either the henna or jagua tabs and the pages with the products and prices will come up.

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