Best Henna for Hair Ever

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

Every once in a while, we stop to remember that, before anyone ever used henna for temporary body art in this country, henna’s main job was dyeing hair! And there’s a reason why using henna for hair is so popular.

Henna coats each hair shaft with a natural, semi-permanent protein called hennatannic acid. Heat causes the hennatannic acid to cling to the proteins found in the hair. Because henna coats and seals the hair shaft, it helps protect the hair from damaging effects of sun, salt, chlorine, wind, and pollution in the environment. It can help miminize split ends and acts as “hair insurance,” if you spend a lot of time in the sun, surf, or wind. In addition to protecting the hair shaft, henna will tighten the hair cuticle and create a more solid surface which reflects light. The result is gleaming, lustrous hair.

Yeah! You can always tell when someone has used henna to dye their hair. The color is totally magical and lustrous like no other. That’s why we’ve been offering Light Mountain Natural® Hair Color & Conditioner for so many years. It is simply the best henna-based natural hair color and conditioner on the market.

  • There are no synthetic ingredients in the Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner formulation—only pure, premium henna and other botanicals.
  • Contains no PPD, no ammonia, no peroxide—no chemicals whatsoever.
  • Each batch is tested to ensure that it has no contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides.
  • No animal testing was conducted by Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner or its suppliers in the manufacture of these products.

PLUS, you have never seen such cute packaging as the one that Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner came up with. Each color comes with a different “henna animal” on the package. Adorable! Makes you want to buy them just for the box alone.

Totally safe, natural henna hair is yours for the asking. Now all you have to do is add a henna tattoo kit to your purchase to reach $35 and you get free shipping. You’re welcome!

NOTE: Regrettably, Earth Henna™ no longer carries this product. We do, however, sell all-natural bulk henna powder, which can be used for dyeing the hair.

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