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Welcome to the official Earth Henna blog, Temp Tat Times, where we will be posting hot-off-the-press news, commentary, stories, pictures, videos, fun facts, stats (curious and serious), and more on what’s happening in the henna and jagua temporary tattoo community, as well as in our own inner camp here at Earth Henna.

To start things off, let me re-introduce myself. I run our Earth Henna business with my husband, Pascal, and an awesome team of fairies, magicians, wizards and powerfully good witches who love henna body art, jagua tattoos, plain ole’ tattoos, and body ornamentation in general.  Even after seventeen years in the business, getting painted still gets us excited and makes us happy—probably, in part, because body adornment is gorgeous and addictive, but also because making you feel good is the henna plant’s special charm. As people all over India, Africa and the Middle East can tell you, having henna on your body is considered a blessing.

And we do feel lucky to be involved in bringing this rad artform to people in a way that makes creating beautiful designs easy and simple. And more than anything, we appreciate the support of all you body art lovers who keep coming back for more!

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Thanks for tuning in and staying in touch!

Carine Fabius

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