Earth Henna Goes Global

World Globe - Europe & Middle East

Earth Henna has been going strong in the temporary body art world for 20 years. Early on, back in 1997, when henna tattoos were just making their entrance on the body adornment scene, for some reason we had more foreign than U.S. customers. Eventually, it all came back around, and in the last 10 years, I would say that most of our henna kit and jagua kit business has come from around the United States.

As any small business owner will tell you, you can really get into the trees and forget you’re in a forest—the trees being about staying focused on what temporary body art customers want and expect; making sure your raw materials—like your henna powder and jagua juice—are the highest quality possible; keeping abreast of package design movements; staying on top of market trends; and figuring out how to introduce your temporary tattoo products to other audiences. (And here, we do really well, because henna body painting and black jagua tattoos beautifully cross over into several categories, like fashion accessory, natural product, new age, craft and hobby, and art materials.)

In the midst of all this activity, certain things in your business can change without your noticing. Recently our webmaster added a nifty thing called an add-on that pops up while you’re on our website and shows you, in real time, what temporary tattoo products are being purchased, and where the buyer is located. It’s a visual that magically appears and then fades just as quickly at the lower left area of the screen. That widget is really cool for people looking to buy jagua or henna body painting kits, because they can see what other products are trending; and it’s riveting for us because, among other things, lo and behold, it turns out that quite a lot of our temporary tattoo customers are from all over the world!

Who knew our company was such a globe-trotting henna and jagua body art machine?!

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