Can You Guess Which Busy Season Is About to Start?

Who's ready for festival season 2017?
  • HINT #1: It’s the New Year.
  • HINT #2: Time flies—which means it’s time to start planning ahead.
  • HINT #3: March is just around the corner.

ANSWER: Come on, you haven’t guessed?


We get really busy around festival season, ’cause henna tattoos, jagua tattoos and cool beauty adornment accessories play into everyone’s desires to be and look as distinctive as possible. So we thought we’d help you get your festival season on with our free and very comprehensive listing featuring detailed info on the hottest festivals of 2017! Just download our “Must Attend” Festival List of over 45 festivals. Our list delivers the detailed schedule of festivals, dates, and where to buy tickets. You’re welcome!

We’re excited about festival season because we love ’em! We attend a bunch ourselves, so we know that getting ready for them is part of the fun. Figuring out your trips, your digs, your posse, your gear, outfits, and accessories is best strategized ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on anything.

And what better way to express yourself on the festival circuit than painting your body with cool henna and jagua designs and beauty adornments? Think about the kind of design you’ll want to show off. Floral? Tribal? Words? Symbols? Practice, practice, practice. So that by the time you are ready for your first festival, you’ll have your entire look down.

Now’s the time to get yourself an Earth Henna Tattoo Kit, Earth Jagua Tattoo Kit, or White Lace Temporary Tattoo Kit, and maybe a Stencil Pack or two, so you can decide what you’ll be sporting at your first festival. SXSW and Coachella are just around the corner.

Yep. It’s the festival season.

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