It’s Official: Festival Season Is Here

Drawing white henna design on hand

SXSW is already over and Coachella (4/14/201717) and New Orleans Jazz Fest (4/28/2017) are just around the corner. Oh my! What are you gonna do? What are you gonna wear? What will your body art look like? We think about these things here at Earth Henna™ because, of course, we’ve got the goods for people who want to stand out and sizzle at this year’s music festivals.

If you want to have the best designs, we can hook you up with our fabulous line of tattoo stencils. Choose your design, cut it off the stencil sheet, apply eucalyptus oil to your skin, place the stencil face down, and hold it there for 30 seconds. Lift it off, and presto! The marking is now there for you to easily trace over with your henna or jagua kit. For example, check out the stencil we chose from the Earth Henna Premium Temporary Tattoo Kit and how the final design turned out.

Henna Premium Kit stencil

Black jagua tattoo design on hand

Not bad, eh? Especially for someone who can’t draw, like me.

Since people also like to create their own designs, our White Lace/Silver Lace Kit (aka White Henna/Silver Henna), comes with a sheet of patterns to give you ideas, like these:

White henna tattoo designs

And then, of course, for those of you who want to go completely spectacular (and speak truth to power, while you’re at it—like me!), we can also hook you up with artists in your city (if we know someone there), who can use your kit to create really elaborate designs like this fantastic silver henna temporary tattoo!

Silver lace tattoo

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, if your goal is to look beautiful and sport the most gorgeous body art in the world, we at Earth Henna are here to serve you, our customers. Plus, at the moment, if you spend $35 or more, you get FREE SHIPPING! It’s time to get your festival groove on, ladies.

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