Brighten Your Winter With Floral Tattoos And Glitter

It doesn’t get too cold and somber here in sunny southern California, we must admit, but we don’t sit around gloating about it (well, maybe sometimes, just a little!). Instead, we huddle to figure out how we can brighten your winter and bring a little extra sunshine to your day, and we’ve come up with a pretty good idea: floral tattoos! What better than floral jagua tattoos and a shimmery silver glitter necklace to make you feel like spring flowers are knocking on your window. Come out an play right now!

Usually, you’d have to wait for festival season to start thinking about flowers in all their glorious forms—floral crowns, flowery print dresses, botanically-themed jewelry, and floral tattoos. But we don’t much believe in doing things by the book. Come to think of it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but we were inspired to decorate ourselves with jagua roses now! And who’s to say adorning your body with gorgeous glitter is supposed to happen at a specific time of year? Look at that magnificent silver glitter tattoo across the chest of our beautiful model in the featured image (created by our very own in-house artist Paddy Hockett). Who would want to wait for that?

This year, it’s all about the flowers. To that end, we will be adding a new floral tattoo stencil sheet to our Earth Henna temporary tattoo kit to make it easier for you to take advantage of this 2018 trend. Look out for it in the next couple of months! Adorning your body with flowers—whether in henna, jagua, white henna or glitter—is going to be as easy as, well, grabbing one of our easy-to-use Earth Henna temporary tattoo kits, and going to town! In the meantime, if you want to create a look like the one in the photo, if you ask real nice, we’ll send you that rose stencil today! Contact us at [email protected].

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