Coachella is Here Once Again!

Coachella is here once again, and after spending far too much time looking at all the groovy festival outfits online, it’s indisputable: people who love music love showing skin!

I’m talking about the shortest shorts, skirts with slits up to there, bare backs and arms, accessorized with all kinds of hats, hair scarves, flowers, floral crowns, and, of course, body art! Yes, it’s spring and festival season, and in case you didn’t take your Earth Henna temporary tattoo kit with you to Coachella, you can make up for it next weekend!

Of course, you could get ahead of the game and paint your body with gorgeous henna designs before heading out to Coachella so that your look is complete. But you could also wait until you get there and paint yourself up, and all your friends too, while listening to music or in between sets. I guarantee you will be the most popular person there. You will suddenly be everyone’s best friend. People will be ligning up to ask, no, beg you to create temporary tattoos on their bare bodies. And don’t forget that if you’re no Leonardo Da Vinci, Earth Henna kits come with stencils!

Have you ever heard about How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie? The book came out in 1936, and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide; in 2011, it was listed on Time Magazine’s 100 most influential books. I bet if he was writing that book today, bringing a henna tattoo kit to a party—or in this case, a music festival—would be high on his checklist of things to do to win friends and influence people! So I suggest that if you want to bring your following up a notch, head over to and get your Earth Henna temporary tattoo kit now. It’s like popularity in a box!


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