Henna Tattoos And Spring Go Hand in Hand!

It is officially springtime, and I just want to remind everyone that henna tattoos and spring go hand in hand! When you think of spring, you might start thinking about beautiful flowers, like this gorgeous tulip.

Or you might start remembering that you need a really cute dress for the season, like this adorable one by my Swedish designer friend Ulf Andersson.

You may also start dreaming about Coachella, which begins Friday, April 13 this year. How it would be really groovy to get yourself a floral crown, like the ones by Leticia Martinez of Leticia M Studio. The ones worn by our festival sisters in this fab photo go great with the girls’ gorgeous jagua temporary tattoos!


But in addition to beautiful flowers found in nature and flowery dresses and floral crowns, to me, it just wouldn’t be spring without some temporary henna tattoos! Whether you’re creating a garland around your wrist, a flower right in the middle of your palm (flower power, ladies!) or a delicate design winding its way around your fingers, you’ll be connecting with the energy of this special season. Don’t forget, spring signals renewal, rebirth and regeneration. It’s time to put the cares of the past (and winter) behind you and give yourself permission to start anew. And what a great way to be reminded of this pact with yourself by painting a symbol of spring on your body.

Remember, henna tattoos are made with the crushed leaves of the henna plant, which blooms beautiful white, yellow and pink flowers—flowers being the theme of this blog, and of the magical season known as spring!

To start planning, creating and painting henna tattoos all over your lovely self, please visit us at www.earthhenna.com to purchase your henna kit from us, Lakaye Studio, the company that first brought henna tattoos to the West Coast over 20 years ago!

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