What We Care About: You Looking Gorgeous, and Other Things

Woman with henna tattoo on arm

If Body Adornment was a person, her goal in life would be:

  • Make human beings gorgeous.
  • Help people express themselves.
  • Give people options.

At Earth Henna™, in creating henna tattoo kits, jagua tattoo kits, and white henna tattoo kits, as well as lots of other adornment choices, we already partner with Body Adornment to make you gorgeous, give you options, and facilitate your self expression.

We care about helping you look and feel gorgeous, inside and out, and seeing the smiles on your faces after you’ve adorned yourself for festival season, parties, and special events. In addition, we care deeply about doing what it takes to foster a caring environment for our employees, and assisting our suppliers, who, like most people on the planet, can use a helping hand.

This year, we are funding the digging of a well for the family of Moroccan henna farmers we’ve worked with for years. Their desert region has suffered a crippling drought for a decade now, and without this well, they have no way to continue earning a living.

Moreover, every year we pay for malaria medication for the 200 members of the Matsés people, who live deep in the Peruvian Amazon in a village where our jagua fruit is harvested, peeled, grated, and pressed to expel the juice that’s shipped to us here in the States.

Finally—though you may not know this about us—my parter and husband Pascal Giacomini and I, for 25 years, have also owned a Haitian art gallery that operates out of our home in Hollywood. I am from Haiti. It is devastatingly poor there, but Haiti is also one of the biggest sources for black art in the world! We have helped to introduce and promote the works of Haitian artists—the desperately poor and those who are better off—for a long time.

In fact, on Saturday, March 25, Cal State Northridge is hosting an exhibition of Pascal’s Haiti-inspired photography, sculpture, and documentary film, Out of Chaos, An Artist’s Journey in Haiti*, about the thriving art scene in one slum in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. If you live in Los Angeles, you’re invited. We’d love to meet you…our gorgeous patrons!

*Click to view a trailer for the film.

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