We’re Now Available at Target!

OK, the title of this post says everything you need to know. We’re now available at Target. Goodbye, have a great day!

Alright, a little background. We love Target, we shop there all the time, especially for great prices on bedding (just got the cutest bedspread from their Opal Line, which is India-inspired), lingerie, jeans, and of course, beauty products. Every time I stepped into their West Hollywood store to pick up my favorite hair gel (which I can’t find anywhere else), I would go cruising through their cosmetics and accessories area, and think how cool it would be if our kits were sold there. I could visualize our new Henna Freestyle Kit, snuggled in between makeup products like highlighter and mascara, and tanning lotions; you know, all the stuff that makes you look gorgeous.

So our ace sales associate, Anne Lehouck, made Target her pet project, with the intention of getting their buyers to fall in love with our henna kits by the end of 2018, or else! And let me tell you that it took some doing. Hell, everyone wants to be sold there, no? By everyone, I mean any manufacturer whose demographic is women looking for quality products at excellent prices (so, no, I don’t mean companies like La Mer, whose 1 oz Moisturizing Cream goes for $175.00, with the 16.5 oz at $2,160.00!).

Well, after a lot of hard work, determination, and a won’t-take-no-for-an-answer credo, Anne did it! By December 2018 we received our first order from Target! We’re totally jazzed. They’ve decided to introduce our Henna Freestyle Kit online, with intent to bring them into their stores by spring if sales are snappy and zippy enough. You know what that means, right? If you’re planning to buy an Earth Henna tattoo kit, where should you go? Right here! Buy our henna tattoo kit at Target so they know they made the right move! Thank you!


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