Tattoo Your Opinion

This week it’s hard to avoid all the talk about the misogynistic ramblings of our Republican nominee—the things he said on that recently released tape, and the awful way he speaks about women on a daily basis. (Yes, I realize Bill Clinton and millions of men may be careless and sexist in the way they treat women. I’m not talking about all those other guys right now; I’m talking about The Nominee.) But I’m a businesswoman, so here’s where my mind went in response to the contentious feelings women have been sharing about Trump’s garbage mouth, hands and mind: Get yourself a jagua kit!


I’ve just thought up a brilliant new use for the Earth Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit: register your outrage by tattooing your response to trending issues of the day right where everyone can see. On your forearm, wrist or wherever else you like. Why not? It’s temporary. This week, my suggestions would be:

No mansplaining.

Just shut up.

Yes, you did.

Don’t touch me.

Ugly sexist pig

No looming.

When Prince died, I used jagua to draw his symbol on my wrist, helping me to mourn him in a way that went deep. When people feel strongly about something, they often tattoo it on their bodies—a quote, a relative’s face, image of a celebrity, a sports team’s logo. Aside from adorning your body with a beautiful design, Jagua also offers you the opportunity to speak your mind on the way you feel a bout a thing today. Which is a good thing. Because next week, it’ll be something else.

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