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  • You Need A Shamrock Henna Tattoo For St. Paddy’s Day

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Use The Jagua Fruit To Attract Love And Sex

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but love and sex live forever! So, while we’re still in the afterglow of all this emphasis on coupling—in every sense of the word—now feels like an excellent time to recount this weird but magical tale surrounding the jagua fruit and the part it reportedly played in the… Read More

Introducing Earth Henna’s New Brand Ambassador

Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali, Earth Henna Brand Ambassador. Our new brand ambassador, the beautiful and talented Nadia Ali, is a highly sought-after and prominent henna artist in Los Angeles. She creates gorgeous modern temporary tattoos in henna, jagua and white henna, using Earth Henna products, as well as magnificent traditional bridal mehndi. She and her team of artists… Read More

Happy Henna Holidays!

Christmas ornament: festive hands

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to repeat the suggestion I made back around Thanksgiving, which was oh, so long ago! I was talking about the holidays, and how they usually mean spending time with family. Family, along with the lighting of candles and twinkling lights and gift exchanges,… Read More

Henna: An Artform Practiced by the Gods

Krishna painting henna design on Radha's palm

“Krishna Painting a Henna Design on Radha’s Palm” by B.G. Sharma. Everybody loves henna tattoos—even the gods. It is common knowledge that artists are able to tap into the realm of the divine, from which inspiration flows. Famed Rajasthani artist B.G. Sharma, known for his exquisite and meticulous devotional paintings of Hindu gods, and Krishna in particular,… Read More