What Did You Get For Christmas?

The holidays are over, and we’ve wiped out our wallets, basically in order to connect with people we love by giving anything from token gifts to extravagant, dream-fulfilling displays of largesse. So what did you get for Christmas? Was it something you hoped for? Or something that made you cringe? (Really? Another blank notebook? I have enough of those to fill diary entries for the next 50 years, and honestly, how many times can you write: Today, my hair decided to look like the kind of place where crows nest—and that’s with eggs inside.)

We make henna and jagua kits around here, and I can tell you that LOTS of people got our products for Christmas this year. I can also report that people DO try to figure out just the right thing that will elicit a big smile, and hopefully not my reaction to yet another blank notebook! (My granddaughter is mad about henna tattoos, which of your kits would be right for her? She’s 12.) Answer: Our Kit for Kids would be perfect, and you’re in luck because if you buy any two kits, you get a Kit for Kids free (that was until 12/24)! Really? Oh! my sister’s millennial girls would love these too…  And people DO wait until the last minute. Even though we were officially closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I fielded an endless number of emails about packages that had not yet arrived (I’m in Australia and I ordered on December 15th, but the tracking info says it’s still at the post office!), and, of course, multiple queries like this one: (It’s December 21st) If I order today, can I still get my henna kit by Christmas? Answer: Yes, if you’d like to pay $77 for Priority Shipping even though we’re in Los Angeles and you’re in Ventura County!

Ah, the joy. Ah, the stress. What did you get for Christmas? And did it arrive on time or did you have to wait until, well, today, for the package to arrive? My brother swears he sent his in plenty of time! I’m still waiting.

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