Henna for Kids

Drumroll, please.

Introducing our beautifully repackaged Henna Kit for Kids!

In the last three years, we went on a repackaging adventure. It had suddenly dawned on us that, after fifteen years, our kits needed a face lift (yes, we’re a little slow sometimes). First up was our best-seller, the original Premium Earth Henna Body Painting Kit, which used to look like this:


We turned it into this:


Then came the Classic Kit’s turn. It used to look like this:image3

After its makeover, it looks like this:


Next up came the Jagua kit. It, too, needed revisiting. It went from this (our very first jagua kit):


To This:


And now, this!


I could keep going with a couple of other changes we made over the years, but I think it was the Kit for Kids I started off with right? Right. For our newest makeover, here’s what our Kit for Kids looked like until about five minutes ago:kfk_kids_kit_lrg-copy

Drumroll again, please. Here it is, our brand new version of the Earth Henna Kit for Kids:


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