Word 'stop" tattooed on hand

I swear, if I read about one more guy losing his job over allegations of sexualized behavior on the job, sexual assault, or rape, I can’t decide if I’m going to run outside screaming for joy or grief. Hmm. Now that I think about it, it will be for joy.

It’s about time the world started paying attention to women’s stories of bullshit and/or criminal treatment from men. I mean—and this is a really, really old question—which part of No didn’t they understand? Did the word need to be written in large, bold letters in red paint on the wall for them to grasp it?

Hey, I just thought of a new use for henna! As you know, creating beautiful temporary body art is the way henna is typically used. And henna tattoos come from an old tradition of beliefs around the plant’s ability to bring love, luck, and prosperity. But you can also use henna to write words and messages on your body. How about the word STOP. I think it would be a really cool way for a woman to put a potentially abusive guy on notice or give him a strong reminder that the answer is NO.

Theoretical situation: Your male boss comes up to you at the water cooler and slips you a note saying something like I bought you a gift at the sex shop. Would love to show you how to use it. You read it, then look up at him and hold your hand up, palm facing outward toward his face. The word written on your hand is STOP. You do not smile. You just look into his eyes and keep your hand up for 5 seconds. Message delivered.

Who says henna isn’t about love and luck, and prosperity? Your boss walks away one lucky bastard for not having pushed the point. You love yourself for standing your ground. Prosperity? Hmm. In this case, maybe your newfound self-esteem pushes you to go after his job, and land it—along with his paycheck. Thanks, henna!

You too can write simple words on your body with henna (or jagua too, for that matter). Our Earth Henna henna kits and jagua kits make it so easy.

Happy to be of service!

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