All That Glitters for Christmas

Glittery hand tattoo

Festival season may be over—but Christmas competes big time as the season where glitter and bling come alive. This is the time of year when blinking lights do not mean a flashing red traffic signal, which generally portends long wait times and frustration. No, at Chrismas, we LOVE flashing lights! They’re so cute, so fairy-like, so whimsical. Come December, my husband has to stop me from draping a string of lights across our couch, our bed, the dog’s bed, and the oven! This year, I discovered laser Christmas lights, and you should see my front yard! I feel like I died and went to Christmas heaven.

That must be why I suddenly feel like getting a White Henna Glitter Tattoo. That shiny, glimmery, glitzy, twinkling design just seems so appropriate right about now, don’t you think? I’m a total jewelry fiend. My father was in the biz; I used to represent jewelry designers when I was in the PR business; I’ve designed jewelry for years, and people give me jewelry all the time. I wear every single piece that I own. After figuring out what clothes I’m going to wear, I love nothing more than spending time gazing upon my fab jewelry collection to see which of my favorite necklaces, earrings, and bracelets I’ll wear on any given day.

But I feel like the season calls for more glinty and scintillating body adornment! And the coolest part is that you can so easily peel off your glitter design at the end of a soirée and then start all over the next day—because that’s exactly how glitter tattoos are meant to be used. With henna tattoos and jagua tattoos, you’re rocking your design for one to two weeks, which is awesome. But sometimes, and especially now, when holiday party invitations seem to arrive in the old inbox on a daily basis, you just want to show up wearing something that reflects the merriness of the season. And if you haven’t yet received a holiday party invitation, just start walking around showing off your glitter tattoo, and I guarantee people will start following you around, wanting to know Where did you get that? And next thing you know, you’ll be the next IT girl wherever you go.

Creating your own white henna glitter tattoo is so easy. Our Earth Henna Silver Lace Kits and Gold Glitter Kits come with everything you need to make your body come alive with the mood of the holiday season. And for those of you who are a little more demure when it comes to your body ornamentation, white henna tattoos, which look just like white lacy snow, also reflect the spirit of a white Christmas. Have fun!

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