Why Not Try Creating Your Own Henna Tattoo?

I can’t draw to save my life, but if you’ve been following this blog at all, you’ll note that I have not been shy about drawing with henna on myself sometimes. They are not necessarily the most gorgeous designs on the planet, but hey, I had a great time. In one case, I used henna to create a specific symbol as a way to remind myself of something I didn’t want to forget, and it was so helpful and fun. Another time, in honor of the solar eclipse last year, I drew a sun in one palm, and a moon in the other (with jagua). Okay, okay, I used a stencil for the sun, but I swear I did the moon myself! I used a quarter as a guide to get that nice round circle. So why not try creating your own henna tattoo? No one will call the police if your tattoo isn’t perfect!

In fact, that’s one of the underlying reasons for our new Henna Freestyle kit. Although it comes with 3 stick-on, peel-off stencils, the point is to try your hand at creating your own design. We noticed, based on reviews of our products on Amazon and elsewhere, that people often mention how they decided to do their own designs, even though our Premium kit comes with 35 stencil transfers! So we thought, Hell, give ’em what they want! Thus, we encourage you to get creative, express yourself, and go freestyle!

And, because there is no way not to mention the upcoming holidays, let me remind you that there’s no better time to try creating your own henna tattoo because we have a special promotion happening right now at www.earthhenna.com: Buy any two kits, and get a Jagua Refill kit free! This way you get to try henna and jagua, if you like. PLUS, 1st-time customers get 15% off at checkout. Just use code MYLUCKYDAY15! How can you resist?

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