Paint A Happy Symbol On Yourself

Now that the midterms are over, everybody has something to be happy about. Someone out there is thrilled that Ted Cruz bested Beto O’Rourke in Texas. And plenty of people are sad that Beto lost; but I bet they’re smiling at the thought of him running for president in a couple of years! Sometimes you have to dig deep to find your joy, but find it we must if we are to generate the energy needed to fight the good fight. Anger can accomplish the same goal, but I think coming from a place of joy at the thought of getting what you want is a better place to start. This is why I think you need to paint a happy symbol on yourself.

Many in this country are rightly worried about the hostility that 50% of Americans feel toward the other half of the country. I have the good fortune of having immediate family members, who are Trump supporters. I personally loathe the man and everything he stands for, but I love my family. This conundrum has forced me to revisit my tendency to make caricatures of people who love Trump. I want to put them in a box lined with hate, willful blindness, bigotry, misogyny, and racism. But I know these people, and they do not easily fall into those categories. They are warm, loving, generous human beings.

So, I love my family and don’t want to live without them. Therefore I choose to look at this situation as a blessing. See what I mean about finding the positive side of any horror show? So, to get back to body art and temporary tattoos here—which is the point of this blog (!)—I recommend you use henna or jagua kits to paint a simple smiley face on your body. This way, when you want to feel negative or sad or angry, all you’ll have to do is look at that cute face, and it will remind you of all the reasons you have for feeling good! Right now we’re having a cool promotion: Buy any two kits at and get a Jagua Refill kit FREE. Now that the holidays are approaching, there’s something to be happy about!

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