Jagua—It’s Nature’s Ink!

jagua--its natures ink for jagua tattoos

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest product, Nature’s Ink Freestyle! It’s like a jagua tattoo kit but not really, because there’s nothing to mix or assemble. You just open the happy purple box featuring Sugar Skull Lady with her rose blossom headdress, pull out the bottle of pre-mixed jagua gel, and start creating your own freestyle temporary tattoos.

We decided to call it Nature’s Ink because the more we thought about it, the more we felt like the term truly describes the medium. Think about it: jagua is part of nature’s ecosystem—it’s a fruit, whose juice is used to create the ink that naturally stains the skin to look like real tattoos; tattoos that miraculously last two weeks. This ain’t no decal! We know of no other substance on earth (besides henna) that is able to dye the skin for such a long period of time and then disappear completely. There are other fruits, vegetables, plants and natural pigments that stain the skin—think beets, blueberries, blackberries, turmeric, indigo (from the plant species Indigofera tinctoria), and more. As you’ve probably experienced, cooking with or using any of these items will leave you with stained fingers. But thorough washing with soap and water will ultimately remove the color from your skin within an hour or two. Not so with jagua. Using gel made with jagua penetrates beneath the first layer of skin to create the illusion of a permanent tattoo that won’t come off no matter how much you wash or scrub or rub your skin to remove it. To oversimplify: it comes from nature and it works like real ink so, jagua is nature’s ink! Or Nature’s Ink, the newest product from Earth Henna.

Nature’s Ink is sold exclusively from our customer USAtoZ on Amazon.com. And although we created it for free-spirited types who like to go boldly into the night and create their own freehand designs, we included 3 bonus stencils to get your artistic juices flowing. Check it out!


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