If You Believe Her, Wear The Woman’s Symbol

This week it would be hard not to reference the spectacle that played out on TV, computer, tablet, and phone screens as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh took turns making their cases to a riveted American public about the sexual assault that took place nearly two decades ago.

Personally, I am sick to my stomach over how the ole boys’ scenario continues to play itself out in the face of a roaring #metoo movement. The president and Sexual-Harasser-in-Chief and his herd of sheep in Congress declared before the testimony that Kavanaugh’s nomination would be voted on and that he would be confirmed no matter what. Whether he’s a liar; whether he’s someone who sexually assaulted not one, but three women; whether or not he is someone who used to get so recklessly drunk that he may not even remember his acts (not just in high school, but during his Yale years, as well). According to his former roommate, Kavanaugh regularly drank to excess becoming aggressive and belligerent. Just like in his opening statement.

Sure, Kavanaugh got angry and emotional, which makes him seem believable, except that Bill Cosby also categorically denies having drugged and raped women. Angry, passionate denials do not an innocent man make. Kavanaugh’s past is catching up with him, and although he accuses Democrats, he has no one to blame but himself. Perhaps if he’d been forthright about having been a very ugly young man, who (maybe) worked very hard to become a better person, maybe women would be feeling a little different right now. Maybe. But he did not take that route. He chose, instead, to lash out at the audacity of the little people on the left to question his integrity. Give me a break. I have no doubt that the guy we saw on screen would turn every single Supreme Court case into a vengeful, left vs. right proposition. Terrifying to think about.

So, since I’m supposed to be writing about the groovy-ness of temporary tattoos, let me suggest that you get yourself a Nature’s Ink Freestyle jagua tattoo kit or our new Henna Freestyle Kit; and, if you believe her, draw the simple and powerful symbol for WOMAN on your body!

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