Earth Henna is Going Places!

Trying hard not to brag, but Earth Henna is going places! By that, I mean places like Target, American Eagle Outfitters, Hot Topic, Earthbound Trading, Von Maur and Sprouts!

Earthbound Trading is a fabulous chain of stores for free-spirited, curious bohemians, who love the idea of the nomadic and natural life. We’re so excited to be included in their eclectic product mix!

Von Maur is a chain of stores, scattered across 15 states and renowned for their commitment to offering a wide range of brand name fashion and accessories. We’re proud to have the Earth Henna brand be a part of this very select group of 32 stores!

Of course, you already know about the Superstars in this list of stores now offering (or soon to introduce our products). We couldn’t be more jazzed!

Sprouts Farmers Market, which started out as a fruit stand in 1943(!), has grown to embody what it means to live a healthy, all-natural lifestyle. We are so happy to be included in the product mix of their 280 stores, and we love that Sprouts donated more than 19 million pounds of unsold groceries through their Food Rescue program last year!

Household names like Target, American Eagle Outfitters and Hot Topic need no introduction, of course! American Eagle already sells our Premium henna tattoo kit, and they just told us that they’ll start carrying our Henna Freestyle kit come spring 2019. We don’t know exactly when Target and Hot Topic will introduce our kits in their stores (holiday season 2018 or spring 2019), but we’re in the “filling out new vendor documents” stage. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

How wonderful, that after 20 years of working so hard to provide our all-natural Earth Henn jagua and henna temporary tattoo kits, that demand continues to grow. It’s not always easy being a small business, but times like these make it all worthwhile. And it’s all because of you, our customers. Thank you!

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