Henna Tattoos and Floral Crowns

Right now I’m thinking that nothing goes better with a henna tattoo than a floral crown! You know how they’re just so playful and delightful and make whoever’s wearing one look like a goddess or someone young and carefree, even if she’s walking around on crutches?

Permanent tattoos have their own vibe; jagua tattoos project their own energy too. But if we’re talking about henna tattoos then I’m having Bohemian visions; I’m hanging out with hippies, free spirits, free thinkers. The color of henna specifically conveys not a permanent tattoo, but definitely a love of body adornment. If you love henna tattoos you probably enjoy shopping at Free People or Urban Outfitters; the idea of attending Burning Man or Coachella speaks to you.

I’m also seeing bell-bottomed jeans, frayed at the hem; big, bulky cloth bags or totes imprinted with stripes or flowers. Ah, yes, flowers! That’s right, I was talking about floral crowns, the newest must-have look for flower children of all ages. I first learned about the look from our friend Leticia Martinez, whose “Flower Crowns” are the rage every year at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Day of the Dead event. Her designs are also showing up in a pretty consistent way on fashion runways and events. If you want to see Leticia’s magnificent designs—from simple and elegant to bold and dramatic—cruise on over to leticiamstudio.com. Or you could check out the beautiful Leticia Martinez Crowns we’re showing at our Adornment Collection page on Earthhenna.com.

In any case, when I first saw them, I was so inspired that I asked if we could use them for a photo shoot. After all, summer was approaching, and I also thought they would be perfect for fall, when the weather starts turning but you’re still savoring summer. And, as far as accessories go, flower crowns and henna tattoos couldn’t be more perfect together. Here’s a glimpse of some of the gorgeous photos from that shoot. Back to School doesn’t have to mean the End of Summer! Come on, you know you want to run right out and get yourself adorned, am I right?

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