When Any Temporary Tattoo Becomes a Henna Tattoo

Over the years, I’ve noticed that “henna tattoo” has become a catchall term for all kinds of temporary tattoos. Decals, metallic tattoos, chokers, tattoo patterns, jagua tattoos, “black henna” tattoos—as long as it evokes a henna tattoo, well then, that’s what they’re called!
On the positive side, this mysterious reinterpretation of “henna tattoo” simply means that henna tattoos are so beloved and familiar and globally recognized that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and call their product a henna tattoo. As the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On the opposite side, boy, does it cause confusion. Take the newest “henna tattoo” iteration: “white henna” tattoo.
What is a “white henna” tattoo? First of all, let’s start off with what it is not. It has absolutely nothing to do with henna! White henna tattoos are not achieved by using henna, they do not stain the skin (white or otherwise); once applied you get an instant design (unlike with henna, where you have to wait 2 days for the color to fully develop), and they last 1-5 days before falling off the skin. “White henna” tattoos do not stain the skin, they sit on top of the skin. They have a slight texture, although they do dry flat, giving the appearance of something achieved with Wite-out!
Mind you, they are gorgeous. We love the look of them so much that we came out with our own kit, now available on our website at Earthhenna.com. We call them Earth Henna White Lace Tattoos. How do they work? And what is the stuff used to make these henna-inspired designs? Not a big mystery, after all. White FDA-approved body paint (the kind used by face painters), and safe, non-toxic glue approved for use on skin and in cosmetics.
The White Lace Tattoo mixture comes in a soft, ½ oz. squeezable applicator bottle, just like the ones that come in our henna kits. A fine tip (also like the one used for creating henna designs) goes on top of the bottle, and voila! You’re ready to go. So, enjoy this beautiful new way of adorning your body, but do me a favor. If you hear someone calling it “white henna” explain to her what it is—a White Lace tattoo, not henna or anything else calling itself a henna tattoo!

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