Henna Flower or Jagua Flower—Which One Are You?

Henna flower and jagua flower

We’ve had flowers on our minds lately, here at Earth Henna, namely, desert flower vs. tropical flower. It occurred to us that henna tattoos and jagua tattoos are polar opposites when it comes to background and culture. The henna plant grows in desert regions throughout India, Africa, and the Middle East. Desert heat is dry, dry, dry as dust. Desert peoples have to wear long-sleeved, loose caftans to protect themselves from the elements, including strong winds and sandstorms.

On the other hand, the jagua tree grows in tropical settings throughout the world, including the Caribbean and the Philippines, although it only grows in profusion in the Amazon Rainforest. In the case of jagua, we’re talking severe jungle heat that is wet and humid, for which you also need long sleeves to protect your skin from the sun, as well as from mosquitoes! Oh, and don’t forget a raincoat, because you’ll probably experience rain.

But one thing is common to both temporary tattoo sources: the henna plant and the jagua tree sprout lovely flowers! And in thinking about that, it occurred to us that we women love flowers and all things floral (most of our customers are women!). As festival season approaches, and ladies everywhere start thinking about pulling out their floral crowns, nature-themed ornamentation, and floral-print dresses, we’re feeling like 2018 is going to be the year of the flower at Earth Henna!

And how wonderful to have so many reference points for our theme. Between the diametrically opposed look and feel of desert flowers versus tropical flowers, we have so much inspiration to pull from; we’re literally talking about all of Mother Nature! So be on the lookout for a new floral stencil line and other “flower power” motifs to emerge throughout the year.

Which flower are you? Desert flower or jungle flower? Henna flower or jagua flower? Do you love gorgeous, fiery reddish brown henna tattoos? Or stunning, cool blue/black jagua tattoos? The one you’re drawn to says something about who you are. Who are you?

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