Creating Henna Tattoos

Creating henna tattoos, and then showing them off, is synonymous with warm weather. Here in Los Angeles, where Earth Henna is headquartered, it always feels like spring or summer. We’re lucky that way! But if it hasn’t started warming up yet in your neck of the woods, adorning yourself with henna tattoos is one sure way to make you feel like summer—and music festivals and weddings and BBQ season—is already here! And I just want to remind you that creating beautiful temporary henna tattoos need not be a complicated affair.

Here’s what I mean. If you look at pages 80-81 in my book MEHNDI, The Art of Henna Body Painting (see image below), you can see step-by-step illustrations of how you can go from a simple circle to a fabulous mandala by slowly adding additional elements like easy dots and squiggles. I know a lot about henna tattoos but, unfortunately, I can’t draw! So for something like the beginning circle, an artist I know suggested I place a coin, like a quarter, onto the design area, and slowly trace the circle around the coin. When you’re done with you perfect circle, simply drop the coin from the area.

Or, like in this video, you can see how creating that cute pineapple is not that hard. I wouldn’t think I could create a pineapple, but after watching that video, I’m ready to try!

And if all else fails, you know that our Earth Henna kits come with loads of stencils that you just transfer onto your skin with the eucalyptus oil that comes included in the kit. Then, you simply trace over the transferred image. So easy! And best of all, we will soon be introducing FREE downloadable stencil transfers right on our website at, so stay tuned!


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