Here’s How You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo Muertos Skull

A good part of the time, what we do here in our offices at Earth Henna is sit around trying to come up with ideas we think our customers would like. And since Cinco de Mayo is almost here, Paddy (whose official title is Multimedia Communications Specialist for Earth Henna) came up with the idea of honoring Mexican culture and tradition by offering a free downloadable tattoo stencil of a Mexican Muertos, or Day of the Dead skull. We all thought that was a great plan, and she went to work coming up with a design that anyone would find fun and pretty to tattoo on their body (she’s also a great artist).

MuertosSo check it out! Here’s the stencil link. The design is available in three sizes. All you have to do is download the file, unzip the folder, choose your size, and print it out (using an inkjet printer). If you already have one of our kits, that means you probably have eucalyptus oil, which you will need to transfer the stencil onto the skin.


  • Apply liberal amount of eucalyptus oil to the skin.
  • Cut desired stencil from sheet.
  • Place stencil dark side down for 30 seconds.
  • Lift to see stencil outline.
  • Use product to trace over stencil outline.
  • Follow kit instructions to apply tattoo.

Which product should you use? We think either an Earth Jagua Black Tattoo Kit or our White Henna Lace Tattoo Kit (which comes with silver glitter) would be perfect for this design.

Enjoy Cinco de Mayo!

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