Best 13 Quotes (so far) About Our Kits in 2017

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“Reading the Earth Henna story is almost like delving into The Alchemist—if you close your eyes, you can almost picture Giacomini [one of the Earth Henna owners] wandering like a shepherd through the deserts of Morocco.”

“So, if you are contemplating getting a real tattoo, Earth Henna’s Black Jagua Temporary Tattoo Kit might be the safest way to test out some designs before committing.”

“And, if you are going to Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, Coachella, etc.—for the first or tenth time—you will impress the other revelers with your deviant, dark jagua tattoos.”

~ SOMA Magazine

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“The great thing about this company is that for every kit purchased, they donate part of the proceeds to help the jagua and henna farmers with their day-to-day needs.”

~ Tara Huston, The Doctor is…In Style

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“I had so much fun with my @earthhenna…! It was so easy to use the kit that was sent to me; and even though my first try didn’t come out right (the henna when it was dry was a very faint color because I didn’t let it sit for long enough I was too excited), I still have some in the fridge to try again!’

“It was extremely easy to use, and it’s great for when you have friends over and you want to do something fun, or if it’s the weekend and you want to have a little fun with your kids.”

~ @JerseyGirlTexanHeart

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“It’s one of the best art we can do in the summer. It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s trendy! I’m excited to get my first henna tattoo done at the comfort of my home.”

~ @petite.sole

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“Yes, kids, it’s THAT easy to do Henna at home.”

~ Le London Chic

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“I had enormous amount of fun doing my design and getting a little bit crazy with the glitter.”

“What I love about this Earth Henna temporary gold henna tattoo kit is the fact that it was so easy to use. You have everything you need in this kit.”

~ Beauty Trend Report

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“These kits are great if you’re heading to a festival or something of the sort!”

~ @saraleanne_mua

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“This jagua is so cool and great for going on vacation, to a music festival, or just for fun. Even though the bottle looks small, there is so much jagua in there; and with the amount we used/played around with, I still have over 2/3rds left. You can create a ton of fun temporary tattoos with this kit (and they even sell just the henna and stencils so you can keep replenishing your supplies). If you love to have fun/want to try out a tattoo, you should absolutely try out the Earth Henna kits!”

~ Redheaded Wonderland

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