Coming soon! As reported by the British Daily Mail newspaper, a wunderkind named Seung Shin will soon be introducing two awesome products: 1) a tattoo ink that lasts one year, and 2) a removal solution that gets rid of the tattoo if you get tired of it before the year is out! Both the ink and removal solution would be applied by licensed tattoo artists using equipment already in place. His company is called Ephemeral, and you can sign up to receive notification when the product becomes available.

We, here at Earth Henna * Earth Jagua, LOVE body art no matter how long it lasts. Are we worried that Ephemeral’s new ink will take business away from our kits, which stain the skin for two weeks? Nah. We know that the desire to adorn the body is inbred in human beings, no matter what form it takes. Whether it’s jewelry, cosmetics, piercings, scarification or tattoos, from the beginning of time people have sought ways to embellish themselves. Plus, over the years, we couldn’t fail to notice that even people with lots of permanent tattoos love henna and jagua temporary tattoos. They get totally jazzed ’cause they just want more!

We applaud the concept of a one-year ink option and removal solution as yet another way for people to enjoy doing what comes so naturally to us all–body ornamentation. We can get behind that.

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