Fall Back Into Summer

It’s official. We are smack in the middle of fall. And as of last Sunday, Daylight Savings Time went into effect, essentially making us fall backward by 60 minutes, which means waking up in the dark (if, like most people, you have to be at work early in the morning), and heading home in the dark too. But there’s an easy to way to fall back into summer! All you have to do is partake in some of your favorite summer activities, like drinking lemonade—as far as I know, that’s not illegal—walk on the beach or visit the zoo (just wear a jacket!); and get a henna tattoo!

People tend to think of henna tattoos as a fun summertime or springtime thing to do—after all, henna does cool down the body. But let me point out that drinking hot tea while creating your henna tattoos (during the fall season) will handily reverse that body temperature back to warm. So I suggest buying yourself an Earth Henna temporary tattoo kit—either our Premium kit, if you want to get a bunch of friends together and paint yourselves (it comes with enough henna for 20-30 designs); or our Classic kit, which has enough product for 15-20 designs. Plus, you can freeze your leftover henna paste and pull it out later, like in the winter, when you’re sitting around the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate!

Since it’s fall, I recommend painting a hot, fiery image somewhere on your body—like the sun, with rays emanating their warmth—or a chili pepper (just for fun!). What else evokes heat and feverish, sultry days and nights? Oops, just had an R-rated thought! Send us your ideas for henna tattoos that bring back the feeling of summer! Or, what the hell, accept that fall is here and cover yourself in henna tattoo leaves and trees!

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