You Need A Shamrock Henna Tattoo For St. Paddy’s Day

To be quite honest, I don’t know why the fact that Ireland’s Saint Patrick, renowned for converting pagans to Christianity back in the 5th century, became an accepted reason for people to go out and get drunk in the streets every year, but if you’re going to take part in those festivities, you need a shamrock henna tattoo for St. Paddy’s Day! Using a henna tattoo to emblazon yourself with the love of the Irish is the way to do it! Hell, you don’t even need to be Irish to draw a shamrock henna tattoo on your palm, the back of your hand, or your forehead. You just need to love the Irish, have a friend who’s Irish, or wish you could be in Ireland on March 17th, when the country shuts down to celebrate their favorite saint.

In fact, going out and getting drunk is not really why the Irish and the Irish diaspora get festive on March 17th. It’s because they want to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish. The fun begins with most people donning green clothing, green wigs, green makeup, green everything. Why? Because green is the color associated with Irish Christians (of all kinds), and wearing green became seen as a way to become magical—as in becoming invisible to leprechauns, who would pinch anyone they saw. Along the way, revelers started going up to people who weren’t wearing green and pinching their noses to remind them that those mischievous leprechauns might sneak up behind them and pinch the hell out of them. Ouch!

So my advice to you is wear green on St. Paddy’s Day! And to make sure everyone—including leprechauns—knows you’re either Irish or love Irish culture, get a temporary tattoo of the simple and lovely shamrock somewhere on your body. And try not to get too drunk!

Here is a free stencil sheet of shamrocks for your personal St. Paddy’s Day temporary henna tattoo!


Just print it on a laser printer, cut off the shamrock you like, and then use the eucalyptus oil in your henna kit to transfer it onto your skin. For a limited time, March 13-March 16, we’re having a 17% off sale on our henna tattoo kits just for you merrymakers. So head on over to to get your henna kit, and let the fun begin!

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