Happy Dextrose To You!

There are as many traditional henna paste recipes as cake recipes. And people from differing henna cultures often have a special ingredient, which makes their recipe “the best.” These ingredients have always varied from country to country and from family to family, and they’ve often been closely guarded secrets.

Well, with the internet secrets no longer exist. A quick Google search will yield plenty of kitchen cabinet items known to turn your henna paste into “the best” henna paste on Earth. But among the many suggestions we’ve heard about over the years, dextrose stands out.

Dextrose, a/k/a Glucose or grape sugar is a simple sugar, which the body produces naturally. It tastes just like regular white sugar, although its texture is closer to confectioner’s sugar for baking. When added to an already-mixed henna paste, it does wonders for the consistency. A thick, unruly paste is transformed into a smooth, silky paste. Additionally dextrose creates a “sticky” factor that helps the paste to stay on the skin as it dries, reducing the “flake-off” factor.

We think our Earth Henna paste is excellent and performs just the way a henna paste should! But we recognize that some people like to make their own paste, so we’ve decided to make dextrose available in 100 gm bags on our site.

Happy Dextrose to you!

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