Halloween Thoughts About Temporary Tattoos

White henna halloween tattoo

For no good reason other than everywhere I look, I am barraged with Halloween imagery and silly product suggestions (Hello, Grandpa Wig Costume with Glasses and Mustache!).

No, wait, I think I love that. Now you know what I’ll be wearing at my Halloween party. Wait. I’m not having a Halloween party. Think I’ll get it anyway and wear it around the house! In any case, after walking by my neighbor’s house, which, every year, is festooned with a house-size tarantula crawling forth from its roof, I started having Halloween thoughts about temporary tattoos.

I think the way to go this year is to paint your face NOT with the usual face-painting designs that make you look like a wannabe sugar skull from Mexico—although I have to admit that, when done right, those are really cool. But it isn’t new. So check this out. To be new, unique, original and all the other adjectives that mean you stand out from the crowd, I suggest you get yourself an Earth Henna White Lace (aka White Henna) temporary tattoo kit (which comes with silver glitter) and get a creative friend to make your face look like a beautiful, shimmery Halloween Queen! And why stop at your face when you can keep going to make your neck and collarbone look like the Queen of England loaned you her diamond necklace? If you’re really good, you don’t need anyone to do this for you. You can paint your own face by standing in front of the mirror. But only if you know you’re good, OK? Otherwise, I highly recommend you have someone else do it for you so you don’t end up looking like a shimmery Halloween nightmare.

Visit our customer Errands at Home, which is the exclusive seller of our White Lace Kit on Amazon.com, and get a 10% discount. I suggest you get it now to start practicing for the big night. You’re aware, I’m sure, that grandpa knows best.

Featured Halloween design by Karen Weiss at www.hennatattoosdallas.com.

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