Introducing Earth Henna’s New Brand Ambassador

Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali, Earth Henna Brand Ambassador.

Our new brand ambassador, the beautiful and talented Nadia Ali, is a highly sought-after and prominent henna artist in Los Angeles. She creates gorgeous modern temporary tattoos in henna, jagua and white henna, using Earth Henna products, as well as magnificent traditional bridal mehndi. She and her team of artists also offer makeup and hair services for special events.

Did I mention that she also moonlights as a pirate?

JUST KIDDING! All we can tell you is that Nadia is a pro who knows how to have fun wherever she is!

Instagram loves her and she loves Earth Henna! Our biggest cheerleader is looking forward to introducing our temporary tattoo kits and products to the uninitiated as she hopscotches around the world, creating beautiful temporary tattoos on the luckiest people on earth. You can also look forward to upcoming how-to videos and other hot henna and jagua tips from Nadia in the very near future!

As you probably know, henna body art, or mehndi, is part and parcel of East Indian tradition and has been for over 5,000 years. (My book, Mehndi, The Art of Henna Body Painting, tells the story of India’s love affair with henna, its history, culture, and mythology.) We feel honored to have a true cultural ambassador. Nadia comes from an Indian family, is an artist and expert on the subject, and she is innately knowledgeable about henna practices and the henna aesthetic. We’re so excited to welcome Nadia and her Henna Dil Se community to our Earth Henna family! FYI, Henna Dil Se means “Henna From the Heart” in Hindi. Love that.

Check out some of Nadia’s beautiful temporary tattoos!

Henna Tattoos on Hands
Henna Hands by Nadia Ali
White Lace Tattoos
White Henna Design by Nadia Ali
Jagua Tattoo Chest Design
Jagua Chest Design by Nadia Ali

If you’d like to book our new Brand Ambassador Nadia Ali for a party or just feel like getting an awesome henna, jagua, or white henna tattoo by Nadia, contact us at [email protected].

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