An Alternative to Jewelry

It’s no stretch to say that I’m gaga over all the different ways that exist to decorate the body. I’m a jewelry designer in my spare time, and there’s no hiding the truth from anybody who knows me: I lovelovelove baubles, and I’ve got lots of ‘em. Yet in my chosen line of work, I’m always talking about henna and jagua in the context of body adornment; and it occurred to me that, as ornamentation goes, it would not be radical to suggest that, every once in awhile, you ditch the jewelry, and paint it on instead!
If you’re looking to make a statement, forget wearing a necklace, a bracelet or ring. Using henna or jagua to create your own body jewelry is a killer idea. A picture is worth a thousand words. Feast your eyes on these magnificent gems! Not that I’m trying to start a war between jewelry and henna tattoos, but honestly, would you wear a necklace over this?

Or a cuff over that?

I may argue the opposite point tomorrow, but since the idea of henna or jagua tattoos as an alternative to jewelry just occurred to me, for now all I can say is I rest my case.

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