Talk About Body Art!

Woman with lightning bolt painted on blue face

(Image courtesy Jan Hetfleisch via Getty Images.)

The winners of this year’s World Bodypainting Festival are in, and you won’t want to miss these photos posted on Huffpost of the amazing work by some of this year’s artists, performers, and contributors, who came from 54 countries to participate in the festival. It took place in Carinthia, Austria, and 2017 marks the festival’s 20th anniversary.

As someone in the temporary body art business, I can’t help being inspired by the innovation and imagination of these artists—how about this model pictured above painted to look like a storm! However, there didn’t seem to be a category for henna or jagua body painting. I think this is a major oversight. ? I’m going to write to them and lovingly suggest they expand their categories to include the fantastic temporary body art that can be created with these gorgeous natural dyes. Please do it too! Here’s their contact info. Let them hear from you! Maybe you’’l be the next artist to win in the henna or jagua body painting category!

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