Did You Get Good Color? Henna and Jagua Color Explained

Did you get good color?  At Earth Henna, we always ask the question after someone we know uses one of our temporary tattoo kits. Because the thing about using natural products like henna or jagua is that results can vary from person to person. to get great results, for sure, you have to start with the basics: fantastic quality henna powder or jagua juice. But  that isn’t the only thing that matters.

For example, a husband and wife once reported using our kit—same day, same time. She got an excellent stain, but his design hardly showed up at all. Why? There could be a number of factors at play:

1. Body temperature—people who are warm-blooded tend to get really dark color. To sweater-toting people who are always chilly, I recommend they drink a cup of hot tea during their henna or jagua application. Think about it, both henna and jagua come from crazy hot climates—dry, desert for henna; and tropical, humid for jagua. Makes sense, right?

2. Body chemistry—stress, fatigue, illness, medications (legal or illegal), menstruation, and other factors all play a part in releasing hormones into the system, changing a person’s body chemistry. Someone in our office, who usually gets great color, was really stressed over her mom’s upcoming surgery. Her color came out super light.

3. Area of the body where tattoo is created—palms and soles of feet get the darkest color; however, since palms are constantly being used and washed, the stain will fade more quickly. Hands down—excuse the pun!—hands, fingers and feet can be counted on to get great results. Shoulders, not so much. Not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with the amount of blood flow to the area?

To see great photos of beautiful designs, check out our henna and jagua lookbook!

We wish we could swear that everyone using our products will get the same exact results, but occasionally, someone reports getting weak color. However, rest assured, we guarantee customer satisfaction! This means that, if you didn’t get great color, we’ll give you your money back. Why? Because we want you to have a good experience with us. And if you do get weak color, I say wait until the next day and try again. You may be surprised!



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