The Staining Power of Jagua

Overwhelmingly, people love jagua tattoos—the fact that they’re dead-ringers for permanent tattoos, that they last two weeks, that they are as easy to apply as henna tatoos, even simpler since you only need to wait one hour before removing the gel! But if there’s one beef about jagua that I hear on a regular basis, it’s that, if you’re not careful, you end up with stained hands. So, let me address the staining power of jagua, along with some other questions that come up about this still-mysterious tattoo, even though it’s been available since 2009 from Earth Henna.

Things you want to know about Jagua Tattoos…

  1. JAGUA STAINS IMMEDIATELY! It’s a very strong dye. If you make a mistake, even if you wipe/wash it off quickly, you’ll probably still see a stain, so GO SLOWLY and TAKE YOUR YOUR TIME when creating your design.
  2. The good news: If you do get a smudge, it won’t last as long as your tattoo because you will have washed it off fast. It may take 2-4 days for the stain to disappear. Wiping with baby oil and a cotton ball on the area throughout the day will help it go away faster.
  1. Jagua is a fruit that stains the skin a blue/black color. It looks like a real tattoo, not a black magic marker.
  1. Jagua is a natural product. It works with your body chemistry. Tattoo color may vary from person to person.
  1. Our kits come with freeze-dried jagua juice for shelf-life purposes. You get to use it when you’re ready! It must be mixed before use. It’s super easy. Making art is a process. Good things come to those who wait!
  1. Jagua is not henna, and it is certainly not “black henna.”
  2. Jagua is a fruit that grows in the Amazon. People with sensitivities to fruit should not get a jagua tattoo. To avoid potential allergic reactions, as always, it is very important to follow product instructions and to do a patch test, as indicated.

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