Jagua Flowers Are A Thing Too!

Last week I wrote about henna flower designs being popular with henna lovers, and then I realized, duh, jagua flowers are a thing too! What was I thinking? Somehow, in my mind, I tend to think of jagua designs as being more  permanent tattoo-ish in style. But really, a quick look online confirmed it. People love flowers, regardless of which temporary tattoo product they use. And jagua flowers are in abundance on the internet.

Let’s face it, when it comes to tattoos, roses have always been and remain notoriously in vogue. And who wouldn’t want a black rose tattoo somewhere on their body? Mysterious, groovy and black! Blue/black, anyway, which is what permanent tattoos really look like. Jagua tattoos have the amazing propensity to look like the real thing, not like you took a Sharpie and drew on yourself.

We plan to introduce a new page on www.earthhenna.com, where you will be able to download stencils for free whenever you feel like it. We will continue adding to the page on a regular basis, and you can bet that the popularity of flowers as a temporary tattoo subject matter will be a driving force on the free design page coming soon. We are asking our favorite artists to create new stencil sheets just for this page, so keep a lookout for that announcement!

In the meantime, you can visit our stencils page to see what’s available for purchase. Don’t worry, most sheets feature at least some flowers, vines and floral themes already, plus more. But you don’t need to buy extra stencils if you have or plan to buy an Earth Jagua temporary tattoo kit, because our kits come with 28-40 stencils, depending on which kit you buy. So your options are endless.

Enjoy your floral tattoos. Even though summer is just around the corner, it’s still spring, the season when flowers run wild in gardens, fields and in our dreams!

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