Spring Flowers and Body Art

Silver lace tattoo with flowers

You may be wondering what spring flowers have to do with body art, but over here at Earth Henna™, we wait for spring more than most. Why? Because although we love the cool, brisk air of winter (I’d say something about those twinkly snowflakes, but we’re out here in Los Angeles), and getting to wear heavy sweaters and boots, the truth of the matter is that it’s when things start warming up that people begin thinking about showing some skin and, by extension, body adornment!

It’s not like no one cares about body art and temporary tattoos during winter—they do. We stay pretty busy around here during the winter months. But you don’t have to be a psychic to know that once people start peeling off the layers, once the air warms up, and the days get longer, that’s when folks seriously start imagining what henna designs, jagua designs, or white henna and silver henna designs they might want to show off.

I know all the girls in the office start talking about floral vines curling up around their arms and legs (like the one featured on our Earth Henna Classic Kit). So pretty!

Earth Henna Classic Kit

They also start thinking about festival season, what they’ll be wearing, and how they’ll be adorning their bodies. For this reason, we created the Festival Beauty Bundle, which comes with our Earth Henna Premium Kit, along with RoyalTats’ groovy hair tattoos—flash tattoos that adorn your hair!

So if the spring equinox got you thinking about the longer, sunnier days to come, and about walks in nature, surrounded by gorgeous flowers, we’re with you. (In Los Angeles right now, we are blessed with the magical and intoxicating scent of jasmines blooming everywhere!) That’s why we got inspired to have our Spring Has Sprung Sale! From now through March 28th, we’re offering 15% off sitewide, along with free shipping on orders over $30.

Happy Spring!

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