Happened onto dessert girl’s blog, where she highlighted these gorgeous cakes, decorated with henna-themed designs by Aura Anglesey. Of course, I couldn’t resist investigating further. Sure enough, a quick Google search for images of “henna cakes” yielded a veritable visual feast! That must be why we always tell people that drawing with henna is like cake decorating!

Orange henna cake copy copy

So, now you’re wondering what a jagua cake will look like, right? Well, we saw this cake on Henna Tattoo Brighton’s Facebook page and were blown away (they’re a cool tattoo studio in the UK that buys Earth Jagua Gel from us). I know that they use the jagua fruit in the Amazon to make a strong alcoholic beverage, as well as a syrup for pouring over shaved ice cones; but I’d never heard of baking a fruit cake with it! How gorgeous is this? Just like the juice, the flesh of the fruit, once exposed to air, turns an awesome blue/black and makes the most exotic cake we’ve ever seen!


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