Why Bother With Fake “Black Henna?”

Ever since writing my last post, I keep coming back to this question. Why do people want to bother with that fake black stuff, which is primarily black hair dye?* Why not just go with the real deal—your skin stained the deep, rich, reddish brown color that screams organic, ceremonial and mysterious.

(Besides, as we all know, a safe, natural black temporary tattoo is easily had courtesy of the jagua fruit from the Amazon jungle. Just ask the FDA, or better yet, ask the indigenous Indians in the Amazon! Jagua has been their preferred form of temporary body art for centuries.)

More than 15 years after henna tattoos made a splash in the west, painted hands and feet (and backs and legs…) are still fresh, with henna kits available in all kinds of outlets—from Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods to art supply and beauty supply stores.

Last year, after some TV news stations overdramatized the FDA’s advisory warning against “black henna” tattoos, some people started thinking real henna tattoos were dangerous, even life-threatening. Hello??

We hope you’ll help us spread the word about the safety of henna tattoos and about our super easy-to-use Earth Henna temporary tattoo kits.

Pure henna is not dangerous; misinformation is deadly.

*Hair dye = OK on scalp; not OK on skin.

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