Sometimes, You Just Want a Henna Tattoo

Driving in a Chevy with henna tattoo
Me, tooling around in my husband’s giant Chevy pick-up.

I can’t draw. My company, Earth Henna, manufactures the Earth Henna temporary tattoo kits, but I can’t draw. I wrote a book about henna titled Mehndi—The Art of Henna Body Painting, but I can’t draw. Isn’t that sad? So when I feel like getting a beautiful henna tattoo, I am lucky to know lots of fabulous Los Angeles henna artists, whom I can call upon for body adornment, which is awesome. And often, when the mood for a henna tattoo hits me, I turn to the stencils that come with our tattoo kits, which makes it really easy to create a cool design just by tracing over the stencil. Then I allow myself to get creative, adding little flourishes of my own as I go.

But sometimes, I don’t want to schedule an appointment with an artist, and I really, really just want to pull out my applicator bottle and go to town, without worrying about how perfect the design will be. Still, I know my limitations! So that’s when I turn to my trusted “lines.” They’re not swirly, they’re not leading to something floral; they’re not symmetrical, either, but they really appeal to me. So, I just go very slowly, and draw 3–5 lines around my wrist, trying to make them as equidistant as possible, without getting obsessive about it. My lines aren’t straight and they’re usually not even, but you know what? I always get tons of compliments on them. I guess there’s something a little tribal about them.

My lines are simple and straightforward. Nothing fancy here—just a very satisfying answer to my recurring henna tattoo craving. Why am I telling you this? Just to inspire you to do your own thing! It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect. Who cares? Perfection is for perfectionists, and they’re usually a little uptight. If you feel like a henna tattoo, forget about trying to compete with the great designs you see online. Do whatever inspires you. It’s a lot of fun!

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