Yes, There Is Such a Thing As Black Glitter

Black glitter tattoo

Black glitter almost seems like an oxymoron. If it’s black, how can it produce a sparkling effect? When you think glitter, you visualize shimmery silver, like what comes in our White and Silver temporary henna tattoo kit. You imagine gold, red…any color, really—but not black. Yet that’s what so cool about the black glitter we found. It has the unique characteristic of looking on the skin like a really cool black design, but with a super subtle hint of glittter. (You can get our kit, which comes with black glitter, here.)

White henna tattoos are the newest addition to the temporary body art mania. As everyone probably knows by now, “white henna,” just like “black henna,” doesn’t exist. Natural henna designs are made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant, so you start out with a green powder with which the henna paste is made. When the paste is applied to the skin, it leaves a dark, rich, reddish brown stain that lasts 7–10 days. The “White henna” mix is made of white body paint and medical-grade glue. It has the same consistency as the henna paste and is applied, just like henna paste, from a soft-squeeze plastic applicator bottle outfitted with a fine tip. People refer to designs made with this mix as “white henna” because the designs created with it look just like henna tattoo designs.

This can be very confusing, because “white henna” does not stain the skin; it dries in five minutes and sits on top of the skin. You set it with cornstarch, it lasts one to three days, and peels right off. Think of it as temporary body ornamentation for a special occasion. It’s like wearing jewelry, only you don’t feel it as much as you would a bracelet. You kind of forget you have it on—that is, until someone tells you how gorgeous it looks! We came up with the name “White Lace” tattoos to try to address this “white henna” confusion. But no matter what we call it, everyone still calls them white henna tattoos. So we give up. Call them whatever you want!

But back to the subject at hand: black glitter. So the cool thing about white henna tattoos is that if you want a sparkly look, instead of setting your design with cornstarch, you can use glitter instead. Our kit comes with silver glitter. But one of our favorite customers asked if we could come up with a kit just for his company, which sells our kits on Amazon. That’s when we found our black glitter! We’re totally in love with it. You can’t find our freehand white henna kit with silver and black glitter options anywhere else but on from USAtoZ. Check it out. Black glitter is the newest, most exciting thing going. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Back in April, SOMA magazine referred to our black jagua tattoos as “dark and deviant.” Bet they’d come up with something just as sexy for our black glitter tattoos!

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