Henna—More Than A Tattoo, It’s Art!

Girls creating henna art at Vidcon

Awareness of Henna tattoos is so high that people refer to any temporary tattoo as a henna tattoo; but it’s more than a temporary tattoo, it’s art! I bet that right about now, some [permanent] tattoo enthusiasts are muttering something about all tattoos being art. Let me just say up front that, although I don’t have any permanent tattoos, I respect all body art, and have no problem with permanent ink. In fact, I totally appreciate a beautiful tattoo. However, I have seen plenty of tattoos that, for sure, do not fall into the category of art. And, of course, the same can be said of henna tattoos. But when I say that henna is an artform, I am referring to the application rather than the result.

Right now, there are tons of temporary tattoos to be had, but they do not qualify as art. There are flash tattoos, metallic tattoos, stick-on/peel off tattoos, glitter tattoos, slip-on arm sleeves,  shimmer designs in a variety of colors, art stickers, pre-designed patterns that get applied in multiple ways. The options are endless. But henna body art is a dynamic, creative affair. First you have to create your paste—whether you start from scratch or use the pre-measured henna powder and solution that comes in our kits—you still have to mix it up and wait the appropriate amount of time before using it. (You can find pre-mixed henna cones but I find that it is professional artists doing lots of events who tend to use those, as opposed to the layperson.) And last but not least, you must draw it on your body.

Whether you use a stencil or draw it freehand—like you might do with our new Henna Freestyle kit (!)—you’re making art, baby! And for that moment in time, you get to join a very select group of magical and imaginative people, who are revered for their ability to inspire awe in the best of us. Yes, it’s true, henna turns you into an artist.

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